Diastema closure with composite resin: case report
Edition: 57 | Number: 1 | Year: 2019

Diastema closure with composite resin: case report


Changes in shape, color and size of teeth can interfere with the aesthetics and harmony of the smile. The presence of diastemas in the anterior superior teeth is considered a common and frequent aesthetic complaint, leading patients to seek dental procedures that solve this problem. Diastemas have several etiologies, and different treatment options can be performed. The closure of diastemes through direct resin composite restorations with adequate planning provides satisfactory results of the form, function and aesthetics of the smile. This restorative approach has as advantages less clinical time, conservatism in relation to the indirect treatments, the low cost and the possibility of repair. Therefore, this article aims to present a clinical case of diastema closure with direct composite resin restorations. The results showed that this is an effective and conservative treatment option, reestablishing the smile harmony satisfactorily.

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Edition 57 | Volume 15 | Number 1
Janeiro / Março | 2019
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Figura 1: Aspecto inicial do sorriso.
Figura 2: Aspecto inicial do diastema.
Figura 3: Enceramento diagnóstico do caso.